Free Hide IP

FreeHideIP.Com (Freeware)

Free Hide IP is an application for hiding the IP address of a computer. The program enables users to perform online activities anonymously. It changes the computer’s IP address to a fake one and also provides a fake location. Using the application can protect the user’s identity and prevent identity theft and computer monitoring activities. The program is simple and easy to use.

The main window of the application consists of three main buttons – Hide IP, Choose IP Country, and Settings. The main window also shows the IP address of the computer and the user’s location. More information can be seen by clicking on the ‘Check IP Info’ link on the main screen. To use the application, click on ‘Hide IP Address’. Users can choose the fake location to display. There is also a setting for changing the IP address every few minutes. The program can be set to run as soon as the computer starts.

Free Hide IP also comes with two tools for clearing Internet browsing data. These are the Free Clear Cookies program and the Free Clear History program. With these tools, users can remove the web browser cookies and browsing history (Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox) in just one click.