Free Hide Folder 3.0

Cleanersoft Software (Freeware)

Free Hide Folder is an application that is used to hide users’ private folders and data to keep them away from others. Personal information cannot be erased, viewed, or modified by others. Personal files such as family photos or financial records will not be viewed nor accessed by other people other than program users. The program is password protected.

Program interface is simple and can be used by any computer user. Hiding folders is done in a few clicks. Directories and folders can be added to the program list through a file browser since a drag and drop function is not provided. A user specified master password must be provided after program installation. Passwords may be removed or modified anytime. To hide a folder a user has to choose the folder to be hidden and click on the Hide Folder option. More than one folder can be hidden at one time and simultaneously. “Unhiding” folders and revealing their specific contents can be done through the computer’s Context menu. Users can also restore and backup data and apply grid lines using the program. Modifications in file system structures are not needed to use the program. The application does not have any viruses, spyware, and adware. Free Hide Folder is beneficial for users who use a single computer with others.