Free Fox 4.0.1


Free Fox 4.0.1 is an application that provides users access to multimedia from any Internet site. They can get music, videos, images, video games, and radio stations. This program can be used for listening to audio files, watching videos, streaming online radio programs and podcasts, and playing games.

Free Fox 4.0.1 is made as a downloader and a converter. Users can play and watch videos and then download them. The downloaded files can also be converted into MP3 file format and become audio files. Videos can also be converted from one format to another. Some of the supported file formats are AVI, WMV, MPEG, and Xvid.

Sharing files is another feature of this program. Songs and videos can be transferred into iTunes. Other than that, live streaming videos from different channels on the Web can be accessed.

Free Fox 4.0.1 has user-friendly interface. The main menu includes tabs that enable users to navigate the different features or options of the program. There is also the option to change or customize the application’s skin.

Additional features of Free Fox 4.0.1:
• Advanced technology for fast speed download
• Protection to scan and block malicious files
• List of websites for downloading videos, music, games, and images
• Chat functionality
• Search feature