Free Fire Screensaver

Laconic Software (Freeware)

Free Fire Screensaver is a program that changes the Windows screensaver. The application adds flames to the windows that are open on the desktop. The application also offers options for controlling the look and the sounds that come with the flame effects. The settings window allows users to set the time before the flames appear, the speed of the flames, and how the screensaver ends (fade out gradually, or exit immediately). In addition, users can also set the sound of flames. There are nine preset sounds included in the application.

While setting the options for the flames, users can see a preview of the screensaver by adding a checkmark on the box beside ‘Show Preview’. Furthermore, users can also take screenshots of their desktops while the flames are present. This can be done by pressing the ‘Enter’ button on the keyboard while the screensaver is still active on the screen. The screenshots are automatically saved in the disk drive. Users can view all the screenshots by clicking on the link ‘Browse For The Screenshots’ within the main settings window.

Other features of the application include the following:
• realistic flames on the desktop
• easy to use
• does not take up large amount of resources