Free DVD MP3 Ripper 1.2.1 (Freeware)

Free DVD MP3 Ripper is a digital audio extraction (DAE) program developed by  It decodes DVD movie files, or portions of a DVD, and converts them into MP3 audio files.  Users can then listen to the converted files from any standard MP3 player.  

Users can select which portion of the DVD to rip, setting the point from which to start and the point from which to end.  They can also modify the tagging details, which include the title, artist, album, etc.   Furthermore, they can choose the desired output settings, such as the audio bit rate, file size, channel mode, and more.

The program has a simple interface, with a viewing screen on the left side and a slider button below it to mark the start and end points of the desired portion.  The right side of the screen indicates the source file which contain the data to be ripped, and the output file where the ripped file will be saved.  Users can also view the details, including duration, file size, ID3 Tag, and more, with an option to change settings.’s Free DVD MP3 Ripper supports different formats.  This includes DVD movie files (*.vob), VDC or SVCD movie files (*.dat), MPEG1 files (*.mpeg), and MPEG2 files (or *.mpg).