Free Create-Burn ISO


Free Create-Burn ISO is an application used to burn CDs and DVDs. It also is able to create ISO images and burn them to a DVD or CD disc. CD-RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, and CD-R can also be burned directly using the program. Disc information can be retrieved via built-in tools. Bootable discs such as CDs and DVDs can be created. Rewritable CDs and DVDs can be erased as well. Projects can be customized using a few mouse clicks.

The program’s interface is minimal, intuitive, and streamlined. The program was developed to be easily understood and utilized by any type of computer user. The program’s Help section is also provided to enable users to better understand the program and its functions. The main window contains program features. The drag and drop facility is provided to import folders and files into a project. Parameters that can be customized include specifying the project type (DVD or CD), burner to be used in the project, burn or create ISO, or burn a DVD or CD. Other program options are finalize after burning process, eject after burning process, verify data, and Joliet system for files. ISO labels’ volumes can be adjusted. The program runs on a low amount of system resources.