Free Countdown Timer

Comfort Software Group (Freeware)

Free Countdown Timer is made to help the user set an alarm for special dates and calendar events. It allows the user make multiple countdowns for appointments and meetings.  It effectively tracks the time the user sets for any activity. The user can set schedules not only for meetings and birthdays but also for house chores like cooking, clothes washing, and picking up children from school. The user can set custom alarm sounds for each activity. The user can concentrate on work while the Free Countdown timer counts down the seconds for the next task.

This application is made with a simple interface, which the user can configure easily. The user can also add any number of activities or dates and events to count down while the previous tasks that the user set counts down. It also allows the user to set the program to stop and restart when a specific task ends. It also has a setting for titles and texts to remind the user of a certain task. The user can also opt to have a floating window of all the tasks set on the program. Free Countdown Timer also features an audio downloader which the user can use to play MP3, WAV, FLAC, and OGG files while waiting for the next task.