Free Clone Stamp Tool

LifeSniffer (Freeware)

Free Clone Stamp Tool is a photo editing program that comes with a clone stamping feature used for duplicating objects within a photograph. The feature lets users clear away scratches, stains, and blemishes from photos. The unwanted elements of an image like scars on a face or telephone wires in the background can be removed to create a more appealing image. This application is ideal for retouching and enhancing portraits of people.

With the program’s Free Clone Stamp Tool, image fixing can be easily done through its image replacement component, called the rubber stamp tool or the clone brush. This tool is able to replace a detail from one part of a picture with a detail from another area of the image. Defects of an image can be easily removed as the user sets a sampling point on an area targeted for copying (cloning). That sample point’s pixels will then be replicated. Afterwards, the duplicated area can be pasted or painted over a different area of the portrait. The user only needs to drag the mouse over the area of the photograph intended for putting sampled pixels on.

Another highlight feature of the tool is its ability to offer pen options: opacity, hardness, and radius. The options permit the user to better manipulate the size of the area to be cloned. It also enables the user to have a more precise control over how the paint should be applied to the replicated area.