Free Alarm Clock 2.7

Comfort Software Group (Freeware)

Free Alarm Clock is a Windows-based desktop utility that serves as an alarm clock on a desktop or laptop. It supports unlimited alarms, which means setting up multiple alarms is possible. This program can also be used as a reminder application. It can set alarms for various activities. This is done by indicating a note in the text field after setting the alarm and sound. The program comes with different tones. It can also use the music on a music library, which provides support for using MP3 files for the alarms.

Free Alarm Clock can be set to wake up the desktop or laptop from sleep mode. However, this feature is only available on computers that have a sleep mode function. The program also features the “Turn on the Monitor Power”. This is used for turning on the monitor of the computer after the alarm. If the computer is on mute, the application can disable the mute function at the time of the alarm. Forcefully turning up the computer’s volume is also possible. Users may even set the sound to a volume comfortable for the user.

The program also features different alarm settings. It has the Time options used for setting the time of the alarm/s. There is also the Repeat function, which is used for setting the alarm on either a one-time alarm or repeating alarms. Using the same sound and time setting on consecutive days is also possible. There is also the “Show Message” checkbox and Loop option. Checking the “Show Message” checkbox will display the message once the alarm sets off while enabling the Loop function will keep the sound playing repeatedly until it is turned off. Like most alarms, Free Alarm Clock also has a Snooze function.