FRAPS 3.5.7

Beepa P/L (Shareware)

FRAPS is an all-in-one Windows program mainly used for OpenGL and DirectX graphic technology. Developed by Beepa, FRAPS can be described as a screen capture, video capture and benchmarking software. It supports a maximum of 7680×4800 for recording videos. This program uses a specialized codec particularly designed for performance over compression ratio. Installed FRAPS program or ffdshow codec is required in order to play FRAPS video files. The program supports DirectX11.

As a benchmarking utility, it displays the Frames Per Second (FPS) the computer is receiving. It performs personalized benchmarks. The program also calculates the frame rate between two points. Analysis made by this program can be saved for later reviews and applications.

Using the Screen Capture utility, the FRAPS application can be used for taking screenshots with a single key. Unlike other screen capture utilities, FRAPS does not require users to paste the captured image to a separate program before taking a new shot. The captured images are automatically saved, named and time-stamped by the program. Users also have the option to capture screenshots one at a time or continuously within a selected time gap.

FRAPS also works a real-time video capture program. It allows users to capture real-time video while playing a game, or any DirectX/OpenGL technology. Frame rates can be customized from one to 120 frames per second (FPS). Users can also use a microphone while recording videos.