Franson GpsGate 2.6

Franson Technology AB (Freeware)

Franson GpsGate is a client tool that allows multiple GPSs or Global Positioning Systems to work on a single device. For instance, a starting pilot may like to check both his flight details and the local weather data which will normally mean having him check two different applications or using different GPS.  GPsGate client resolves this issue by allowing multiple GPS to work on the pilot mobile device. It auto reconnects to the GPS in cases when it is suddenly disconnected or whenever a Bluetooth GPS becomes unavailable at one location. The tool can be launched from an application without log in requirements. Its user interface includes a taskbar that shows the GPS connection status so users can be informed if their GPS is working or not.

Franson GPSgate also has a reporting function as it stores data to a log file in NMEA format. Its GPS simulator function on the other hand, allows it to be used for demonstrations and development. Other main features of the software include logging and simulation by the GPS, sharing of the system among different programs, and a more stable connection for the GPS. Additionally, the program can convert Garmin USB data to the NMEA (National Marine Electronics Association) format.