Frankie Dettori Racing - Melbourne Cup Challenge 2006

Sidhe Interactive (Shareware)

Frankie Dettori Racing - Melbourne Cup Challenge is a simulation video game that features horse racing. It is based on the horse racing event Melbourne Cup and is developed for Windows, PlayStation 2, and Xbox users. This game allows for multiplayer play online, and has multiple game modes such as betting party, career mode, and jockey challenge. There is also a career mode where players get to experience the step-by-step care and training for horses and managing stables. The game features realistic jockeys and horses, as well as a true-to-life racing environment, including weather and race courses. In this mode, players get to purchase and manage a training program for the horses before they compete in the races.

The game is known in Europe only as Frankie Dettori Racing, while in Australasia it is sold under the name Melbourne Cup Challenge. To reflect the racing seasons in which the game is sold, in Frankie Dettori Racing the default currency of GBP while in the Australasian version the default currency is AUD. Furthermore, in the UK version of the game the horse racing seasons start on January 1, while in Melbourne Cup Challenge the seasons start on August 1. On Windows systems the game automatically detects the player’s location settings.

Players who wish to join a multiplayer session over the Internet need to configure their systems to enable free communication on their computer’s port. Players can also host multiplayer games online with some configuration.