FramePhotoCreator 6.6.2 (Shareware)

FramePhotoCreator is an application that allows users to add frames to their photos. Users can edit existing photos from their computer or take a new photo using the program. Several frames are included in the application. They have different themes that are suitable for any occasion. The main window shows a preview of the photo and the different editing options offered by the application. There are two options on the main window – Photo-editor mode and Shooting Mode. Shooting Mode must be selected when taking a new picture.

Once a picture is open on the main window, users can go through the different tabs to start editing. The tabs are Apply Frame, Assemble Photo, and Settings. Changes made to the photo will reflect on the preview that can be seen on the upper part of the main window. Other image settings that can be changed are the sharpness, hue, and positioning of the photo on the frame. The program’s official website provides systematic instructions on how to utilize the different features of the FramePhotoCreator program.

After editing the photo, users can print out the edited images, save them in the computer’s hard drive, send them to friends via email, or post them on websites.