Adobe Systems, Inc (Proprietary)

FrameMaker is a desktop publishing utility developed by Adobe. It is designed for technical writers and offers them two ways of authoring documents, namely structured and unstructured. The structured option enables users to create consistent documents by using a logical structure. Documents done with this have standard elements and units and metadata. The attributes are displayed in a tree view. In unstructured mode, there is no logical structure but the paragraphs may be tagged. This application can integrate with content management systems and allows users to publish to multiple formats, screens, and channels through HTML5.

Adobe FrameMaker offers users the following features:

• Viewing options – users can select from Author View, WYSIWYG View, and XML Code View
• Publish from anywhere – users can connect to the publishing server or use the Adobe Technical Communication Suite 4 to publish HTML5 content from virtually any location. The application has support for multiple channels and viewing screens so users can simply specify the layout and the screen size of the content they want to display.
• Multimedia support – users can add media files such as SWF, MP4, and FLV videos to their content. 3D images can also be linked.
• Productivity features – the application provides tools that enable users to track errors, collaborate with other team members, and access content management systems.