FPDownload Manager

Filepost (Proprietary)

FPDownload Manager is a tool used for uploading and downloading content to and from the FilePost cloud storage site. The program allows users to upload files to the website without having to launch a web browser window. All the files to be uploaded can be managed from the application’s main window. Uploads can be done remotely or via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). The program also doubles as a download manager.

The application has an intuitive user-interface that is easy to use, even for beginners. It’s main window is similar to other download managers and torrent clients. The upper portion of the window consists of command buttons, such as Add, Remove, Start, Stop, Up, and Down. There is also an Options button for modifying the settings of the program. A button on the upper right part of the window allows the user to log in to the FilePost account. The left panel shows all the downloads, the status of the files, and the program usage history. Downloads are separated into different categories (Music, Software, Picture, Video, etc). The main part of the window shows the progress of all the downloads including information, such as the file name, progress, speed, status, estimated finish time remaining when downloading, and the creation time and finish time.