Foxit PDF Creator: Reliable, Affordable, Efficient (32-bit)

Foxit Software Company (Shareware)

Foxit PDF Creator is a program that allows users to create a PDF document from different types of files. It supports the conversion of all types of files as long as they have a print function. The program’s settings and options can be accessed from the printing preferences menu. The window is divided into different tabs, so users can configure the conversion settings before creating the PDF document. Some of the settings available are the following:

• General Settings – Users can change general settings for the PDF document under this tab. Some of the settings include merging of images, compressing images, overriding existing PDFs, and many others.
• Layout – Under the Layout tab, users can choose from the page or envelope style, the page size, orientation, and the unit of metrics.
• Watermarks – Users can also add a watermark to the PDF document. This can be done by selecting the font, font size, and offsets. The watermark can also be previewed under this tab.
• Security – Users can also add security to the PDF document by adding a password. Permissions can also be added to the document.
• Document – Under the Document Info, users can change PDF information, such as the title, subject, author, keywords, creator, and producer.