FotoWire Print Service

FotoWire S.A. (Freeware)

FotoWire Print Service is a photo management software created by FotoWire and released in September 2002. This program allows users to send their images and photo creations to internet printing shops connected to the FotoWire Print Service. This service is available in 24 countries in more than 800 Internet Print Services photo labs.

FotoWire Print Service enables users to choose from a long list of participating local photo labs where to send their images. Users can select the photo lab that best suit their needs, quality and location-wise. FotoWire Print Service will show an updated list of offered products to choose from. Upon selecting photo labs, users can then choose the images to be processed from a local folder or an external folder. Users can also specify the number of prints, the quality of the paper, and the quality of the prints itself. Users need not worry about service interruptions because the program is set to send an order resume function to users. After selecting all these, FotoWire Print Service allows users to review their order. This program also features some editing tools like a cropping function for images that needs to be cropped before printing. Users need not open a third party program to make the necessary crops. After processing, the selected photo lab will deliver the printed images to the specified delivery address.