FotoMorph 13.7.2

Digital Photo Software (Freeware)

FotoMorph is a Flash banner rotation and photo animation application developed by Digital Photo Software. This program is used for transforming images into different types of animations. The program features three types of animation sequence. A single project can be made of one or multiple sequences. The first sequence is the Morphing sequence, which is used for transforming one image into another. The other two sequences are the Warping and Panning sequences. The Warping sequence is used to make a certain portion of a photo deform or move while the Panning sequence can zoom and pan between two segments of a single image.

The program’s interface is composed of several sections – Project Page, Control Page, Images Page, and Animation Page. The Project Page is where users can manage saved or open projects. It also offers menu contexts for inserting and deleting animation sequences within the open project. The Images Page is used for choosing and preparing images that will be used for a project while the Control Page provides necessary tools and functions for modifying the behavior of the sequences within a project. The Animation Page allows users to check and preview the entire animation. It also offers tools for adding background, borders, or texts. The program supports various image and animation file formats including GIF, JPEG, and AVI.