Digital Photo Software (Freeware)

FotoMix is an application for photo editing. It has tools that allow users to remove elements from a photo or combine images to form a single image. Editing photos can be done in just five simple steps. The program’s main window consists of all the tools and buttons for doing tasks. The five tabs located at the top portion of the window are Background, Foreground, Composition, Touch Up, and Finish. For each step, users can tweak the settings for the photo. The editing tools can be found at the left hand side of the program’s main window. Different aspects of the photo can be manipulated with the use of sliders.

Some of the editing tools included in FotoMix are mirror flip, rotate, crop, and resize. Apart from these tools, users can also manipulate the brightness, color, and contrast of the photo. There are also built in effects that can improve the look of a photo. Frames can be added to the edited image, too. The final photo can be saved in different image file formats.

Other features of the application include the following:
• Easy to use interface
• No editing skills required to use the program
• Provides basic and advanced editing tools
• Multi language interface