Fotomax FotoBook Software (Freeware)

Fotomax FotoBook is a program used for creating calendars, greeting cards, and photo books using photos and images. Creating a photo book can be done in just a few simple steps. Users who have no experience in this type of program will be able to use it as well. The application’s interface is divided in different sections. Folders in the system are located at the upper left portion of the window and folders can be viewed in tree view. Users can then choose photos from the folders and they will be displayed under the “My Images” section.

The main work area is where users can create the photo album. The layout and background for the project can be changed on the right side of the main window. There are different templates that are already included in the application, and users can simply insert their photos in the slots indicated in the templates. Some of these are large photobook, pocket photobook, and portrait and landscape photobooks. The program also supports printing on both sides of the paper. The main features of the software are as follows:

• Comes with a wide selection of fonts for different kinds of photobooks
• Text boxes can be placed anywhere on the layout
• An unlimited number of photos can be added to each page