Fotolab Fotosvet 4

Cewe Color Agu Co. OHG (Freeware)

Fotolab Fotosvet 4 is a software application developed by Cewe Color Agu Co. OHG, a company that provides their clients with photobooks. This program can be downloaded from the company’s website and provides its users with access to a series of tools including digital art materials and templates that can help them create wonderful picture books from family photos or greeting cards and other photo memorabilia.

The Fotolab Fotosvet 4 program provides its users with an array of tools that can help them create professional-looking picture books in the comforts of their own homes. The program can be downloaded even without access to the Internet. It is considered a standalone program that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and with a variety of platforms. The pictures can be imported into the program from a computer source or from the Internet and then it is up to the user to design the book using these. There are different templates that can be used to provide assistance to those who are new to the photobooking trend.

Projects can be paused and resumed as desired. There is a save and retrieve function that works quite well when it comes to this program. The final book, once completed, can be printed by the company and delivered to the user’s doorstep.