FotoCanvas Lite

ACD Systems, Ltd. (Shareware)

FotoCanvas Lite is a piece of software that serves the purpose of providing its users with a series of tools that can be used to easily edit image files. Compared to other similar programs, this is best suited for beginners as the program is extremely user friendly. Essential editing tools are readily available on the interface ensuring that program users will not have to worry about unnecessary controls that can lead to much confusion.

Apart from the wide array of basic image editing tools that are available with the FotoCanvas Lite program, users can also expect to gain access to a series of talk bubbles that can be added to images for a fun and cartoon-like outcome. There are different bubbles to choose from and these can easily be enlarged to suit the picture. Text content can be added with ease. There are also forty filters that can be chosen from and applied to the images being edited. These filters easily improve the overall style and look of the image.

This particular program also comes with a professional management program for colors. This enables program users to apply accurate hues to their projects. Having accurate hues translates to better image depths when a project has been completed.