Fotobounce 3.9.2

Applied Recognition Inc. (Freeware)

Fotobounce is an application used for photo organization. The program has tools and features for making photo organization easier, such as facial recognition, tagging, and social network integration. The program’s main interface consists of a panel where users can filter photos according to people, events, keywords, or by date. Users can also see the number of photos currently imported to the program, number of people recognized, and number of unidentified faces. Thumbnails of photos will be displayed on the main area when one of the filters is selected.

Aside from organizing photos and images, the application can also be used for the basic editing of images. There are tools, such as resize, crop, and color correction. Albums can be exported to social media sites, such as Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook. This can be done by logging in to the account from the left panel of the main window.

Other features of the Fotobounce program are the following:

• Support for viewing photos and albums from a mobile device
• Comes with tools for tagging and identifying people in photos
• Support for sharing with friends and family online
• Users can view photos and images in the form of a slideshow
• Simple and easy to use interface