Forte Standard 4.1.3b

MidiSoft / Lugert Verlag (Shareware)

Formerly Forte Home, Forte Standard is a musical notation software. It serves the musical composition needs of three types of composers: professional, experienced, and beginners. The application uses simple recording tools to help the user craft his music. It makes recording easy by capturing tracks and changes as soon as they are created. With it, the user can make original scores. Alternatively, it allows the user to modify or enhance MIDI files that are already existing.

The software’s strength lies mainly in its easy-to-use interface. It has a “music ruler” that specifies the timing for entering a music symbol. This “ruler” is divided into a sequence of marks that appear in different sizes. Through such divisions, the user can distinguish between beats from the shortest to the longest ones. The user can also enter musical notes prior to entering rests at any point in the measure.

Forte Standard facilitates composition through various tools. Using a MIDI keyboard, users can quickly insert notes into the sheet. This can be done in three ways: step recording, loop recording, and punch function. Step recording involves entering notes precisely, one at a time, without depending on the score’s tempo. The next method allows for recording many takes in a queue. The last records or replaces short passages. Data recording and importing is possible with the audio sequencer. The final score comes out in a print-ready layout that features various texture templates and layout settings.