Form Pilot Pro 2.46

Two Pilots. (Shareware)

Form Pilot Pro is an application that assists users in filling out electronic forms. It can also help users in filling out forms on paper using the computer instead of the typewriter or manual handwriting. Printed forms may be scanned directly from this application. The scanned image will be shown on the screen; users only need to click the cursor on the form field and type the information required.

Users can select from different font sizes and colors for the text. The position of the form field boxes may be adjusted and rotated as needed. Users can also add images and symbols such as checkmarks. Unnecessary text may also be deleted from the form. Once information input is finished, users can save the filled-out and edited form in PDF format to the hard drive or to another specified location for future reference or sending via email. The form may also be printed directly from the program. Users can also print out only the filled-out text portions of the form.

Form Pilot Pro has support for different electronic form file types, including TXT, DOC, PDF, and XLS. This application is particularly suited for professional or business use, or for individuals who work with large quantities of forms on a regular basis.