Forgotten Hope 2

Forgotten Hope 2 Team (Freeware)

Forgotten Hope 2 is a modification for the first-person shooter game Battlefield 2. It is based on the original modification for the multiplayer game Battlefield 1942, which featured combat in sea, air, and land environment. Battlefield 2 makes user of a new game engine and physics system that makes the game realistic. The modification focuses on the battles fought between the Axis and Allied powers in Normandy and North Africa during the Second World War, and provides players with more than 250 pieces of World War II-era equipment, weapons, and machinery such as tanks and aircraft.

Players can choose which side to play on. With this game modification, players will be able to take part in crucial military campaigns during World War II. Players can fight as part of the Africa Corps facing the British forces in the desert, or as an American soldier tasked to destroy Hitler’s Atlantic Wall. Players are provided with a vast arsenal of weapons, including knives for hand-to-hand combat, powerful anti-tank rifles, and heavy machine guns. Aside from weaponry, players are also provided with equipments such as a first aid kit and even magnetic hollow charges. Players can also drive tanks and jeeps, or pilot fighter and scout planes.

Forgotten Hope 2 offers players various game modes, including conquest, objective mode, and push mode.