Forex Tester 2 2.9

Forex Tester Software (Shareware)

Forex Tester is a forex simulation program that allows users to practice their forex trading skills. It enables users to improve trading without having to risk their money. Users can also utilize the program for testing new trading strategies to know if they are effective before doing the actual trading. The program supports trading for 18 currencies, and also silver and gold. Other main features of the application are the following:

• Users have the ability to test several currencies (unlimited)
• Has extensive statistics for the results of trading strategies
• Data can be imported from other sources, such as .hst and .csv
• Users can set hotkeys for commands in order for faster trading simulation
• Has advanced graphics engine for displaying charts and diagrams

The program’s main interface consists of several tools that are located on the upper portion of the main window. The left side of the window displays market information, as well as market data including date, time, high, low, close, and volume. Visual representations of the market are displayed on the main area. Users can access more settings for the application from the Options window, which consists of four tabs – History test options, Trading, Sounds, and Updates. The program also comes with a comprehensive Help file.