Ford Racing

MovieTime, Ltd. (PC) (Freeware)

Ford Racing video game was released in 2001.  It is considered the first video game in Ford’s racing series. The objective of the game is to win in all 10 tracks using 12 Ford European car models. Upgrades are available along the way including: Aero upgrade, Suspension upgrade, Transmission upgrade, and Braking upgrade.

The following models include: Taurus, the Mustang, F-Series, Explorer, GT90 and other car-makes only introduced to the European market. The game has a career mode that introduces different races of different types which gives players the ability to improve or upgrade their cars.

Upgrades for Ford Racing players are only lockable upon winning several championships. The upgrades, which they can enjoy include the greater chances of getting soft tires. These tires are much better than the normal tires. Also, the changing of tires is important in every racing match. Another update advantage is the changing of qualifying tires, which perform better than the soft tire. In order for players to get these tires, they have to win several levels first.

In addition, players of Ford Racing can make an aero upgrade of their Ford cars to improve their handling capacity.  Players can make suspension and transmission upgrades, too. All of these give players a higher chance of winning every race, which they become part of.