Ford Racing 3

Razorworks (Shareware)

Ford Racing 3 is a racing game. It is the third installment in the Ford Racing series of video games. In the game, players get the chance to drive their favorite Ford models in different locations. The game offers 55 Ford vehicles that are divided into five groups – vintage, classic, off-road, performance, and modern. Some of the models included in the game are the following:

• Vintage – 1931 Ford Model A Roadster and 1923 Ford Model T Sedan
• Classic – 1976 Gran Torino, 1949 Ford Coupe, 1966 Ford Thunderbird, 1972 Ford Ranchero GT, etc.
• Off-Road – 1948 Ford F1, 1999 Ford Focus Rally Car, 2004 Ford F-150 FX4, etc.
• Performance – 1992 Ford Mustang Mach III Concept, 1999 Ford Mustang FR500, 2005 Air Force Reserve Ford Focus, etc.
• Modern – 1978 Ford Capri Mk III 3.0S, 2002 Ford Crown Victoria, 2003 Ford Thunderbird Limited Edition

Ford Racing 3 features 26 different race tracks spread in five categories – Pacific Drive, Colonial Run, Arctic Breeze, Raceways, and Asuka Battle. Players can go head to head on a race in split-screen view. It also features a multiplayer mode where up to six players can race at the same time via LAN (Local Area Network).