ForceP2P Media Player

ForceTech (Proprietary)

ForceP2P Live Media Player is a P2P media streaming system developed by ForceTech. The program utilizes the UDP streaming protocol. Compared to traditional media streaming, this program features no-buffer streaming and low bandwidth P2P streaming. P2P stands for Peer-to-Peer. The ForceP2P Live Media Player supports various media streams including live broadcast streams, television stream, file Carousel stream, and surveillance video stream, resulting to extensive signal sources.

ForceP2P Live Media Player P2P algorithms can support more concurrent users than normal P2P protocols. Single Force P2P boasts of up to 10000-15000 online users. The programs also provide unlimited simultaneous live channels. It can also transfer large bit-stream video files, as well as support its HD playback and large bit-stream playback. The program also features multi-code stream self-adaptive design which enables users to play video files depending on the actual network bandwidths.

ForceP2P Live Media Player offers different security safeguards including DRM protection and file encryption. DRM protection ensures that the video copyright is retained, preventing playback without the requisite certification. Domain binding function ensures less embezzling link occurrence. This ensures that the streaming link does not play on unspecified pages. The program also features multitasking support enabling users to perform simultaneous tasks without compromising quality. Users may view, download, and record video streams at the same time. It features several variable interfaces and a modular design.