For the Glory: A Europa Universalis Game

Paradox Interactive (Proprietary)

For the Glory: A Europa Universalis Game is a real-time strategy game with a historical theme developed for Windows users. In this game, players manage a nation’s economy, political alliances, internal stability, exploration, military forces, scientific development, religious affairs, and colonization efforts. Players can choose from more than 190 nations spanning a thousand counties from the historical period 1399-1819. The game makes use of over ten thousand historical events and rulers. Players can speed up or slow down the game as preferred.

A key feature of this game is that it enables players to manage domestic policies. Determining the domestic policies of a nation is done every 10 in-game years. The policies players make will have an impact on the game, such as identifying the items that may be traded. Players will also have to manage their nation’s budget and avoid inflation. When players have gained a profitable national income, they will be able to fund scientific research, engage in trade, and fund military resources.  

Another aspect that players must control is the nation’s stability, which can be affected by in-game actions. For instance, when players declare a war on another nation, this may cause instability in their own country, and having low stability makes the player’s military might weak and vulnerable to loss in the battlefield. Players must make wise decisions in order to advance their nation towards development.