Football Manager 2009

Sports Interactive (Proprietary)

Football Manager 2009 is a simulation video game in 3D. In this game, players are given their own football team to manage. Each team is updated with its newest players and their information. Players can access the following information:

• Player’s personal profile – this includes personal details such as nationality, age, position, basic wage, and contract expiry date
• Technical attributes – This includes statistics of the player’s performance in a game like crossing, dribbling, passing, and long shots
• Mental attributes – Defines the rational capacity of a player in terms of bravery, aggression, composure, and even teamwork
• Physical attributes – Provides details about the player’s agility and running speed

Users can choose to play as either a male or a female manager of their team. The players are also given an assistant manager to help them manage their football team. The player and his or her manager interact and decide on the different aspects of the game, such as team tactics, keeping the player available, and more. Players are rated according to their managing ability and the status of their team in the virtual football tournaments held in many football stadiums Europe.

The game’s 3D effects make the settings, team players, and overall feel of the game more realistic. It can be played in single or multiplayer mode.