Food Force

United Nations World Food Program (Freeware)

Food Force is an educational game that was first released in 2005. In the game, players must give out food to countries that are stricken with famine. These countries must have sufficient food in order to thrive. The game is set in the fictional location called Sheylan, which is situated somewhere in the Indian Ocean. Sheylan is an island that is currently in civil war. In addition, there is also a drought in the island. Players assume the role of a United Nations volunteer who must work with a team to alleviate hunger. Food Force offers six different missions. These are:

• Farming – For this mission, players must develop a community over a span of a decade. This can be done by training citizens about nutrition, treating AIDS and HIV, and educating citizens.
• Food Run – For food runs, players must guide food delivery through a dangerous road where there are obstacles and land mines.
• Locating and Dispatching – For this mission, players must purchase food supplies that must be dropped to different parts of the world that are in need.
• Air Drop – Air Drop missions entail players to accurately drop food items in a specific zone. When dropping food, players must take note of the direction of the wind.
• Energy Pacs – In this mission, players must prepare nutritious food and a balanced diet for citizens with a daily budget of 30 cents.
• Air Surveillance – In this mission, players must look for hungry citizens around the world while riding a helicopter.