FontLab TypeTool 3.0.0

FontLab Ltd. (Shareware)

FontLab TypeTool is a simple font editor that can be utilized by typographers, students, and graphic artists in order to customize existing fonts or create fonts from scratch. The program’s main window consists of the menus and task buttons that are located at the upper portion. It supports OpenType and TrueType fonts, so users can import them to the application. The application makes use of standard font technology to ensure that fonts created and edited using the application are all high quality.

Here are the other key features of the application:

• Support for undo and redo of action for up to 200 levels or actions
• Comes with VectorPaint tools that ensure outlines of fonts appear realistic
• Font Information window displays all font information including metrics, codepages, and the font family name
• Support for printing samples of fonts
• Comes with a comprehensive help file that users can access to read about the program’s features

Tools for editing are on the upper portion of the main window. These tools include a pointer, eraser, pen, knife, and others. The program also comes with an Options window where users can change the program’s behavior including opening and saving, folders and paths, glyph cell, metrics window, and others.