FontDoctor 8.3.0

FontGear Inc. - Extensis Inc. (Shareware)

FontDoctor is a program used for organizing and fixing problems with fonts. It is a professional tool that diagnoses the problems in a font so that users can immediately fix them. It works by scanning files and folders and looks for different font problems, such as corrupt fonts, mixed font types, missing bitmaps, and other common problems.

The program’s main user interface has two tabs – Diagnose and Organize. Under the Diagnose tab, the program scans the system and checks all the fonts against the different categories displayed on the window. This includes the font file structure, duplicate fonts, missing PostScript fonts, and missing bitmap fonts. Under the Organize tab, the application can clean up all font folders in the computer and sort them in an organized manner. This can be done alphabetically, by family name, by font name, or by other ways the user specifies. With FontDoctor, users will also be able to print out font sheets for reference. Additionally, the tests done by the program on the computer can be printed out for organization purposes and font diagnosis.

More of the program’s features are as follows:

• Simple and intuitive graphical user interface
• Does not clog up the system
• Fixes font problems