Font Creator Program 7.5

High-Logic (Shareware)

Font Creator Program is used for creating and editing existing fonts. The application has an intuitive interface with all the tools displayed on the upper portion of the window. Once a font is imported to the program, all its characters can be viewed on the main window. This allows users to edit a character, create missing letters or characters, and modify components of a font. The program supports web, TrueType, and OpenType fonts, which makes fonts created with the application compatible on Windows, Mac, and different web browsers.

Other features of the Font Creator Program are the following:

• High quality fonts – The program allows users to create professional-looking fonts with the font validation tools included in the application.
• Font testing – This application also has a font testing feature. This allows users to see the progress of the font, even if creation is still ongoing. Font testing also supports testing on a website through a local webpage.
• Font conversion – Users can import scanned vector files and images to be converted to glyphs. This allows users to use their own handwriting to create font sets.
• Transform wizard – Font Creator Program’s transform wizard enables users to make changes to glyphs easily.
• Change font information – Font properties, such as font family, width, height, angle, and creation can easily be changed.