Font Creator

Brother Industries, Ltd. (Shareware)

Font Creator is an application that has the capabilities of a font creator and editor. This is a program that is most useful to graphic designers and typographers. An application such as Font Creator can increase the level of productivity of users because of its many features. Font Creator has advanced functions that make it a useful program for professional font designers.

Font Creator is developed by Brother Industries, Ltd. that makes the whole process of creating and editing fonts easier. When using Font Creator, the font designer is provided with an overview of the characters and the tools on hand can be used to select a character and transform its appearance. Adding missing characters is allowed as well. The latest version of this program supports scalable fonts in color. Beginners using Font Creator for the first time will find it easy to operate mainly because of the intuitive design of the user interface.

This program has many useful features. First of all, it is equipped with specialized drawing tools for glyphs design. For those who want to modify a TrueType font, there is no need to use an additional application because Font Creator can also import TTF and then subject it to a detailed modification. This program is also capable of transforming the user’s handwriting into a font type.