FolderMatch 3.7.0

Salty Brine Software (Shareware)

FolderMatch is a program developed by Salty Brine Software for comparing and synchronizing files or folders in a computer. It can help users update their backups regularly and secure sensitive data from deletion or corruption brought about by system errors. The interface of this program has two panels where the users can specify the files or folders they want to compare or synchronize using the file browser.

FolderMatch uses different methods for synchronizing folders. The first method allows users to replace old folders and copy the files in the folders to a new location. The second method allows users to move the contents of a folder to another folder. The users can also set a custom synchronization method, which may involve tasks like deleting files or replacing the contents of a certain folder. The program can use any of eight methods to compare their files and folders. Comparison can be based on the filename, file size, file attributes, date and time created, and version stamp, among other data.

FolderMatch also allows viewing the hexadecimal dump of a certain file, synchronizing the system clock with the clock setting of online servers, saving the folder settings or restoring them to the default values, and customizing the fonts and sounds used in the program.