FolderChanger 1.0

FolderChanger (Shareware)

FolderChanger is an application that enables users to change the appearance of their computer folders through a simple drag-and-drop method. By default, the folders in the Windows operating system have a generic appearance, making it difficult for users to identify a specific folder. Even with just a few folders in a directory, users will have to run their eyes through the complete folder names in order to locate a particular folder. This can be tedious and a waste of time. By using this program, users can customize their folders to make them easily identifiable.

FolderChanger helps users identify the purpose of each folder without having to read the folder name. For instance, a folder that contains the user’s important files can be assigned a red folder icon. Users can also create an icon from a photo and personalize a folder with it. This application is simple and easy to use, enabling users of all skill levels to organize their folders better. It has a well-designed interface that contains a series of tabs in which the program’s different functions are compartmentalized.

Users simply have to select which icon they want to use to replace the existing or default image folder icon. Users can choose from different colors from the Color/Organize tab, images from their own gallery from the Photo/Add Your Own tab, or icons they have downloaded.