Folder Vault 3.0.1

Gear Box Computers (Freeware)

Folder Vault is a program used for locking and hiding folders and files on the computer. This program is useful especially on computers that are used by several users. It makes use of advanced technology in order to keep private files protected from unauthorized users. The application has a simple user interface, which makes it easy to use for everyone.

Upon launching the application, the user is asked to create a master password. This is the password used in order to access all the contents inside the vault. When the password is set, there will be an available location on Windows Explorer that serves as the private folder where the contents cannot be accessed without the master password. Files and folders can be added by copy pasting or by dragging and dropping files into the folder. The application provides a security feature that prevents hackers from accessing information. The computer will shut down or lock after 3 failed attempts at logging in.

Here are the other features of the application:

• Program is portable and can be saved in a USB thumb drive to use with other computers
• Has stealth mode that keeps files and folders hidden
• Makes use of government-level encryption
• Integrated on Windows context menu