Folder Size 2.9

MindGems Inc (Freeware)

Folder Size is a utility that scans the system and displays detailed information about the folder sizes. The program is used for monitoring the space in the computer. It shows users which folder takes up the most space in the system. The software is capable of scanning entire drives or specific folders. Information on file and folder sizes can be viewed in a visual representation (pie chart or bar chart). Other information displayed by the application is the name of the folder, the size percentage of the folder, number of files inside a folder, last modified time, last access, etc.

Folder Size’s main window is divided into four sections. The upper left part of the main window shows a tree view of the files and folders inside the chosen drive. The lower left part of the window displays information about a chosen drive. The upper right part of the widow shows all the files inside a folder, together with other information (percent, size, subfolders, etc). The lower right portion is where users can view the folder information in a graph.

Here are the other features of the Folder Size application:
• Export file sizes in XML or CSV file
• Sort options based on different criteria
• Command line option for scanning a folder’s tree size
• Open files with associated application
• Explorer-style user interface