Folder Size for Windows 2.6

Brio (Freeware)

Folder Size for Windows is a utility that performs a very specific function. It is designed to add an additional column to the Windows Explorer Details view. The column contains pertinent information such as the file size as well as the folder size. The program keeps track of the folders that the computer user accesses. It provides Windows users with more relevant information, thus making the directory listings under Windows Explorer more comprehensive in terms of content.

Folder Size for Windows by Brio is easy to use. The installation procedure is quick and straightforward. As soon as the file is installed in the system, the user must go to Windows Explorer and set the parameters to the Details view. After a right-click on the right-hand pane the new column is revealed with the relevant information. The data is readily available to the computer user while browsing different file folders. This useful application for Windows users is also a helpful tool in cleaning up the hard drive.

Folder Size for Windows is a downloadable freeware that is compatible with Windows XP and Windows 2000 operating systems. There is no need to attain advanced computer-related knowledge or skills in order to implement the program correctly. It runs automatically upon installation.