Folder Security Personal

Y0YS Software (Freeware)

Folder Security Personal is a software application developed by the company, Y0YS Software. This program enables users to protect selected folders from unwanted access. Users have the option to hide files completely or partially – the latter involves restricting access to the contents by turning them into read-only files. This way, other people are prevented from deleting or modifying the protected files. Apart from local files and folders, this application can also restrict access to CD-ROM and removable storage devices like floppy discs, USB sticks, and external hard drives. Furthermore, Folder Security Personal can also limit hard disk to removable disk file transfers that carry FAT or NTFS file systems. Along with Internet Explorer, the application also protects the computer system against dangerous web programs.

Users can opt to run folder Security Personal in stealth mode. The program has a simple interface that features a five-item navigation bar at the top of the window. Right below the main menu, users can configure various settings in the Options tab as well as quickly hide selected folders and set a password in one click of a button. Since this program also comes with a spyware defender, users can also adjust the level of protection from low to high.