Folder Protect 1.9.4, Inc (Proprietary)

Folder Protect is used for protecting important information stored in folders. The program allows users to protect or hide folders fro view. This prevents unauthorized users from accessing the contents of the folder without permission or without the master password. Folder Protect also has a delete prevention feature that prevents other users from deleting certain items from the computer. Users can view the data, but cannot make changes or remove it from the computer.

Folder Protect offers different types of access levels for customizing security. Some of the access levels include: delete-proof, accessible but write-protected, and hidden from other users. The program is fully accessible from the right click menu. Users can also work in safe mode.

The program is easy to use. The main window shows seven main buttons for the commands. These are Add, Edit, Remove, Unprotect, Select All, Settings, and Register. At the bottom part of the window, users can view a list of the folders, files, or drives to protect. Other information displayed includes the path, the type of file, and the restrictions (no access, no visible, no delete, and no write). Other features of the application are:

• Support for full data-in-use security
• Maximizes data security and protection
• Uses Windows Kernel-level protection