Folder Options X

T800 Productions (Freeware)

Folder Options X is a small and simple application that was developed in order to transfer some of desktop features of Windows Vista to the Windows 7 operating system. The program has a small main window that consists of four options. There are no configurations that need to be done, which makes the application easy even for novice computers to use. On the main window, there are four options under Advanced Settings. These are the following:

• Disable full row select – This option allows users to select specific items from a list in the Explorer window. This gives users more control when selecting files, as opposed to selecting the entire list when only a few files are needed.
• Column headers in all views – If this option is enabled, the sort headers in Explorer view will always be visible on the upper part of the window, even if the view style is changed. This allows users to easily sort the files according to name, tags, date, and so on.
• Enable icon recording – This option allows users to the image of an icon even when it is being dragged to a different location.
• Keep focus on file list view – When this option is enabled, files will always appear in list view when an Explorer window is opened.