Folder Marker 3.2

ArcticLine Software (Freeware)

Folder Marker is a Windows add-on application used in marking Windows folders using color-coded icons. It comes in three editions - Folder Marker Pro, Folder Marker Home and Folder Marker Free. The program is mainly used for organizing folders according to user’s preference by changing the folder’s icon and/or color. There are two ways to do this. It can be done either through the selected folder’s context menu or through the program’s interface. However, limited icons are available at the context menu. The remaining available icons can only be used by clicking the “More Icons” option, which will open the Folder Marker window. Working on multiple folders simultaneously is also possible.

Folder Marker can mark folders according to different aspects. It can be marked based on priority (low, normal and high), type of information (temporary files, work files, personal files, sensitive files, etc…) and degree of completed work (half-done, done, planned, etc…). Changing the network folder icons is also possible. A network folder is found on another computer. However, this functionality can only work with network folders accessible through My Network Place in the Windows Explorer. This function is available in the Folder Marker Pro only. The program can also be used for changing the default icon for system folders. Restoring the changed icons to its default icon is also possible. The program is not limited to the preinstalled icons. Users can also add more icons to the application.