Folder Lock 7.6.0 Inc. (Shareware)

Folder Lock® is a security application that consists of seven security tools for encryption of files. The program allows users to encrypt their files using military grade encryption technology. This ensures that the files are safe and will never be accessed by unauthorized users. The files remain encrypted even when they are accessed. The program also comes with a Lock File feature, which blocks access to documents inside drives, files, and folders. The Make Wallets feature protects sensitive data, such as credit card numbers and online back account information. All the data is kept inside encrypted wallets.

Folder Lock® also features a stealth mode. When using the computer in stealth mode, the activities (opened programs, shortcuts to applications, etc.) are note stored in the computer. The Shred Files feature enables users to remove files permanently from the computer. Removed files cannot be retrieved even by the most advanced data recovery program. The shredding technology built in the program follows US Department of Defense protocols. Folder Lock® also provides automatic protection for users. With the Auto Protection setting, users can set a task for the computer to perform when it is inactive for a certain amount of time. This includes closing lockers, logging off the computer, and shutting down the computer.