Fog Lake Screensaver

3Planesoft (Shareware)

Fog Lake Screensaver is a desktop screensaver program developed and distributed by 3Planesoft. This screensaver displays a calm lake covered by the morning mist while reflecting the rising sun. A still fish boat is half-hidden in the center of the lake.

Fog Lake Screensaver has no main interface. After installing and launching it, the screensaver is automatically enabled. However, the program also includes the 3Planesoft Screensaver Manager. This dialog box allows users to configure certain aspects of the screensaver. Aside from the Fog Lake Screensaver, the 3Planesoft Screensaver Manager serves as the control panel for all installed screensavers from 3Planesoft.

Users can view the basic information about the Fog Lake Screensaver from the screensaver manager. It shows the title, version, and available updates. The configuration options for the screensaver are also available from the screensaver manager. From the configuration options, users can set the video mode to be used. It also provides options to adjust the gamma control. Basic options such as exit on mouse move, and run at startup, are available. Aside from this, users may also set the sound options. This allows users to enable or disable music while the screensaver is active. When music is enabled, an option to set the music volume is also possible.