FoFiX 4.0

FoFiX Team (Shareware)

FoFix is an extension of Frets on Fire. It was formerly known as MFH (Myfingurshurt) and Alarian Mod. This program is typically depicted to contain a resemblance of Rock Band and Guitar Hero. As such, it has almost similar features on the drums, vocals, and guitar sections. It also caters to different battle modes and character profiles.

It is a project embarked by several amateur developers. Its source code can be viewed and edited at the Google Code. It supports a wide range of customizable themes that can be changed by whoever would want to rewrite the program. It has no video support at the moment, but it does have animated backgrounds. These backgrounds are simply series of images played intermittently.

In order to play this game, the user must first download a full release version. After which, he is free to choose which themes he intends to play.  Some of its complete themes are myfingershurt Rock Band 1, Worldrave’s guitar Hero III, blazingamer’s Megalight and death au’s Old School FoF. Many of these themes have rock meters, combo display, and overdrives. Note streak and scores are also included in the interface. A patch can be downloaded to have an updated game. The 4.0 version is featured with Theora video playback and faster OpenGL binding.