Focus Audio Editor (Bundled)

Focus Audio Editor is a tool that is bundled with the Focus Mp3 Recorder Pro application. This tool enables users to edit all the audio recordings that they have. It has a simple user interface that is easy to operate, even for those who are not computer savvy. Audio files that are imported to the program appear on the editor, and users can view the waveform of the audio files. Some of the tools included in the program are amplification, fading in and fading out, normalizing audio, invert, flanger, vibrato, and delay.

In addition to the said operations, Focus Audio Editor also comes with several filters for changing the way an audio file sounds. Some of the filters included in the program are band pass, low pass and high pass, low and high shelf, and notch. Users can preview audio files by clicking on the controls, which are located at the bottom part of the main window (Play, Stop, Pause, and Fast Forward).

More of the program’s features are listed below:

• Wide variety of options for the output audio files
• Scales and colors of the audio editor can be changed according to the user’s preferences
• Users can work on specific segments of an audio file